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Monthly Archives: February 2009

We found the weapons of mass destruction!

Yes we found them! now we did! The Weapons of Mass Destruction we were looking for in Iraq are at last found! GW has at last proven his point. Dick the stick hitting the Bush policy succeeded.

We were right, Iraq was not only targeting the US. A point we have been trying to make to the whole world, the whole world who doubted our decision except of course our allies and our pets. Those weapons when spread they can endanger peaceful communities, as extremists may use them to disrupt the international peace we are spreading around the world. Those weapons strengthen the terrorists who are attacking our lifestyle and our freedom.

This same freedom that we use to support Democratic regimes around the world. The regimes who allow the same level of freedom we have back home. Governments in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel for example, our friends and allies. Egypt and Saudi Arabia whose our own Intelligence agencies report about their “docile” approach towards their opposing citizens. Israel who is the only state that is still occupying a land that is not theirs. The state that openly declares wanting to be a Jewish states hence iliminating all rights to non Jews.

Isn’t that the true democracy we are supporting? the democracy in its purest form, We decide and you follow. We vote because we do not give you the right to vote, then we decide, we execute and if you object you have the choice of becoming against the democracy, against freedom, or simply a terrorist.

Yes we have found the Weapons of Mass Destruction with a slight difference in the last word as they became Weapons of Mass Humiliation. The art of humiliatig a president in front of the masses through the eyes of reporters and cameras. Yes this weapon is Iraqi by choice, yet it does not explode, it does not kill, it just sends a message. A message of honor to its sender and a message of humiliation to the receiver. A message summarized with a shoe.

An Iraqi reporter throws his shoes at the US president and two days ago a British follows suit throwing his own shoe at the Chinese president. Didn’t we say that these weapons are dangerous? Didn’t we warn you that Saddam will spread his terror? Even after we killed him the weapons are still used. They are even brought into the most protected places under the vigilant electronic eyes of screening machines. No wonder we take our shoes off at airports for security checks! Apparently we knew what those weapons were. Let’s vote to ban these weapons, let’s ban the shoes … Oh wait we can’t vote for that, this is the jungle where savages only get to decide in the name of democracy.