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The hassle of unlocking Iphone!

I never thought that unlocking Iphone would be a hassle. Being in the US, the home of Iphone, I thought that is an easy thing to do. Go to an apple store and buy an unlocked Iphone. Easy? NO!

As I discussed with the lady at the store, although I can buy the Iphone without a contract, I still would not be able to use it on a network other than AT&T. That was a problem to me as I am mostly overseas in some countries where AT&T does not exist or barely have any partners.

Don’t get me wrong, I like AT&T and I have a contract with them on another Iphone that I am not planning to unlock. However I was still determined to unlock one for my usage overseas.  My friends overseas made it sound an easy thing to do. Get an iphone and you pay someone that will unlock it for you.

So, in brief, my Iphone traveled with me to its unlocking trip. The fee to unlock it was 30 USD but the guy told me he cannot do it now and that I needed to wait. Because I am impatient, I decided to research it on the internet instead. Hundreds of solutions were there free on line but none of them worked because I had the latest Iphone software version. I decided to go into a paying site instead and that is when I thought everything is solved!

Needless to say it wasn’t! My phone still did not recognize the new SIM card I inserted. I concluded that I got tricked into a fake site , so I decided to research further. For a newbie, it was like opening a can of warms. Jailbreaking, unlocking, firmware, software, baseband, and all those words that meant nothing to me and seemed so complicated were in my face!

Being me, I did not give up. I researched, read and re-read the information. The most complicated issue is that many software developers assume that the end user understands their terminology. Guess what? We don’t!

So in order to help other Iphone owners who are as frustrated as me from the lack of ability to use their Iphones with other providers, I decided to write a couple of articles explaining the process. I will also provide the links to the necessary software (hopefully will be adding them to my site for direct download).