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Olive Leaves to fight Diabetes?

This is NOT a medical statement. Please consult your physician for your medical cases.

A friend sent me an email stating how to in getting rid of Diabetes. He said it is an easy and affordable way.


Olive tree leaves ( The fill of two hands)


Clean the leaves with water to clear the dust and sand that it may have. After that, boil the leaves in one liter and a half of water (6 and one third of a cup). Let the water boil for 3 minutes.  After the three minutes take the mixture off and let it drain. You only need to collect the fluid! Save the mixture in a glass container for the usage.


Drink 1 cup (small teacup or Turkish coffee cup worth) three 3 times daily, before breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The email sender states that you should measure the level of sugar level in your blood for the next three days and you decide if you want to continue to use the mixture or not.

Quit smoking in 10 days?

A friend sent me an email claiming that by doing the following, you can get rid of your smoking problem. To me it sounds easy, yet I still need to remember to try it. I am sharing it just in case it will help any other smoker. Let me know if it works for you!


Water         1 Cup

Milk            1 Cup


Boil the water and the milk separately.


When the milk and the water boil, mix them in a different container and inhale the vapor resulting from the mixture for 10 minutes. Repeat the process for 10 days.


According to my friend’s email, the lungs will start their cleaning process, and after the tenth day the smoker will start hating the taste of the cigarette which will help in quitting smoking. I hope it helps!

Open Your Veins

This is NOT a medical statement. Please consult your physician for your medical cases. These natural components may or may not help your case. Do not attempt to use if you have any allergies to one or any of the components.

For anyone who wants to try this, please note that most apple vinegars available in the market are chemically induced rather than following the natural vinegar processing methods.

Honey found in the markets is often sugar based. It will not offer the same results as natural honey does. On another hand, there are various types of honey varying in color from black to crustal clear white.

The author of this formula claims that it is a natural therapy to “opening heart veins” or in other words widening the blood vessels.


Lemon Juice       1 Cup

Ginger Juice       1 Cup

Garlic Juice         1 Cup

Apple Vinegar    1 Cup

Natural Honey   3 Cups


Mix the lemon juice, the ginger juice, the garlic juice and the apple vinegar and boil them on light flame (low fire) for approximately 30 minutes. When the mixture becomes about 3 cups take it off the fire and cool it off. After cooling the mixture off, add the three cups of honey and mix all. Keep the mixture in a bottle.


Take One tablespoon every morning before your breakfast on a regular basis.