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The In-house Research Stage in Developing Markets.

As mentioned in earlier articles, the market research task was not easy in some of the developed markets where I worked. Often, I was faced with minimal and outdated information. In this article, I will introduce the first market research approach we used in those markets which I call: The in-house stage.

As the name implies, the research was based on internally developed methodology. The regular approach of systematic gathering and interpretation of information by using statistical and analytical methods and techniques reflected how our company understands the market. Continue reading

Market or Marketing Research, Does the Term Really Matter?

To determine the market segments that are of interest to you (or your company) you often have to research the market. Your research is important whether you are studying the market to launch a new product or revising the strategy of an existing one. A well defined market research can also be the basis for your marketing research where In an extremely competitive market, your understanding of your existing or potential customers is essential for your success. Continue reading