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Jailbreak or unlock Iphone, a mess for newbies.

I just wanted to be able to use my Iphone in a different country with a different provider. I don’t think I was asking for too much since I paid the full price for it. Apple however, did not make that an option. I had to resort to another solution. After paying for an unlocking service, and found out it didn’t help, I decided to research on my own.

As any newbie, I got slammed with a series of words that I am not accustomed to. I am not an Iphone professional, let alone the terminology used to unlock it. I want my phone unlocked! By unlocked I mean being able to use it with an operator other than AT&T, as simple as that!

Well guess what? I got the term unlocked right! 🙂

I will not go through my paid experience to unlock my Iphone because it was nothing but a scam and I will definitely not suggest the site to any of my friends. However, I also do not appreciate the attitude of some so called Iphone savvies who make fun of all of us newbies when we pay to unlock or are unsuccessful doing it.

Jailbreaking is one of the terms I was introduced to. In my simple understanding, Jailbreaking is the ability to add an application to your Iphone that is not supported (did not make it) into Itunes. There are hundreds of applications and themes out there that can be as useful if not more useful than some Itunes apps for Iphone. The Jailbreaking applies term applies to Iphone, Ipod, and Ipad as far as I understood.

In order to unlock your Iphone, you have to Jailbreak it first. You will need to be able to install an application that is not found on Itunes. Forget about all the terminology that you would see describing the process and how the software works in hidden files and such. I am not looking into becoming a programmer and I don’t think that’s your aim either!

In my next article, I will try to guide you through the installation of limera1n (I am not using the weird terminology, it is the names for the software/program)

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