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Open Your Veins Naturally

This is NOT a medical prescription. It does NOT replace the medication replaced by a Medical Doctor. I am simply sharing some natural recipes that friends send me on a personal basis.


* 30 Garlic Cloves (Individual cloves not the whole bulb)

* 15 “Banzaheer” Limes (The small green limes)

* 1.5 Liters of water

Preparation: Cut the lime and take away the seeds. Do not take the lime skin off. Clean the Garlic from its skin. Mix the lime with the garlic and the water well in a mixer (or a food processor). Drain the liquid into a glass container (you only need the liquid and can disregard the remaining garlic and lime pieces). Put the liquid mixture in the fridge.

How to use it:

Take two to three spoons 3 times a day before your meals.


The lime should be mixed while having its skin. Do not disregard the skin.

This recipe is also useful for those who do not suffer from narrow veins. It is also helpful to reduce “bad” cholesterol levels and helps the immune system.

Eating parsley, lemon, apples, washing your mouth, or brushing your teeth will help in getting rid of any bad breath smell.

Continue to use the recipe as long as you can to guarantee its success.

Wishing you all a healthy life!

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