A dad's way when away!


Me and my dudes in Istanbul airportWith over 25 years of professional experience across over 30 countries and multiple cultures, the challenge of being a traveling dad is the hardest. Although being an expat can be fun, it still depends on the Country of operation as it can limit the ability to be around family and friends.

While away, i have some free time to share my experiences about many things i face in life. From Political news, to Economy, going through day to day activities, i have developed my own understanding and opinions and here is where i will share them.

My aim is to have fun and provide a site for people to share their opinions about things of mutual interest.

Who knows? Maybe if i keep it interesting enough i will be able to join my family permanently and stop relying on overseas jobs!

If you are a billionaire reading this, send me a million and you’ll save me the hassle!

By all means share your thoughts and experiences and I will make sure to share mine. It is mostly about having fun so please don’t be shy to dive in.

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